Auto delete/purge records

Posted by: Iain Morris

9th October 2020, 2:23 am

Iain Morris


9 Oct 2020
2:23 am

Hi Richard,

Please consider adding some options to auto-delete Free Download Log after a user specified number of months as well as a Purge All option.

Thank you.

Iain M

  • Richard Webster


    10 Oct 2020
    3:51 am

    I'll look into it mate 🙂

  • Richard Webster


    19 Oct 2020
    6:22 pm

    Just a quick update. I'm actively testing out this feature, but it won't be in this week's update.

  • Iain Morris


    20 Oct 2020
    12:01 am

    Even if it wasn't an automated process. Maybe just a couple buttons; one says Purge All and the other, Purge All before and the number of months entered.

    I tried deleting them in bulk on the page and it caused all sorts of page crashes.

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