Cannot View Free Download Logs

Posted by: Jelisa Varnado

31st March 2018, 4:59 am

Jelisa Varnado


31 Mar 2018
4:59 am

I recently changed my email platform from Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor so now I will be adding people manually to my latest email list for free downloads. However, I get this error message when trying to see my download logs since that is the only way I can see those email addresses. It gives me an error message saying:

Cheatin’ uh?
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How am I going to view the emails of the people who download my items if I can't see the logs.

Another issue I am noticing is, when an email is put in - no files are being downloaded anymore - they were at one point.

  • Richard Webster


    31 Mar 2018
    6:50 am

    Hi Jelisa please open a support ticket from your account page so we can get to the bottom of it.

  • Jelisa Varnado


    31 Mar 2018
    2:56 pm

    Just did! Thank you!

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