Checkboxes and download all individually

Posted by: Iain Morris

10th April 2021, 11:33 am

Iain Morris


10 Apr 2021
11:33 am

Hi Richard,

Is it possible to use the checkboxes and download all option but have the files download individually instead of in a .zip file?

Thank you as always!

Iain M

  • Richard Webster


    10 Apr 2021
    12:56 pm

    Afternoon mate. Do you mean if only a single file is selected it downloads that? Or do you mean each file selected is downloaded individually one after the other kind of thing?

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  • Iain Morris


    10 Apr 2021
    1:15 pm

    The later.  The checked files are downloaded individually, not in a zip.

    The reason I ask is I like the way my theme presents checkboxes for this application.

    Iain M

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