Confirmation email to admin after Instant download??

Posted by: John Bracciale

10th May 2019, 8:05 am

John Bracciale


10 May 2019
8:05 am


The user is able to instant download only after they fill in email, first name, two other fields AND check the box for subscription.

I would like the admin to receive an email notifying them after someone has downloaded a product with some info (email, name....)

Is it set up to do this and I just don't have the right settings? I have gone through all the settings a number of times and tested with no luck.



  • Richard Webster


    10 May 2019
    8:36 am

    Hi John this isn't something built in, but could be coded. I'll include it in the next release as an option 🙂

  • John Bracciale


    10 May 2019
    9:07 am

    Thanks for the reply.


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