Custom Product Page Hook

Posted by: Richard Webster

20th November 2018, 10:25 pm

Richard Webster


20 Nov 2018
10:25 pm

If you're using a custom theme that has trouble displaying the Download Now button on the product page, try adding the following custom code to your site:

add_filter( 'somdn_product_page_content_woo', 'somdn_product_page_content_woo_custom' );
function somdn_product_page_content_woo_custom() {
	// Return a different WooCommerce product page hook
	return 'woocommerce_simple_add_to_cart';


Note: It's recommended that you add custom code using a plugin like Code Snippets.

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  • iaininjapan


    18 Apr 2019
    1:30 pm

    That worked for me after updating Impreza theme this week!

    Thank you!

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