Customize text of Download button on page using WooCommerce blocks

Posted by: Luciana Amaral de Carvalho

6th March 2022, 9:23 am

Luciana Amaral de Carvalho


6 Mar 2022
9:23 am

How can I customize the text of download buttons on a custom page, where I used WooCommerce blocks to add the products? I created I custom homepage for my website, instead of the custom "shop" page.

The title "add to cart" was changed to "read more" in those products after I've configured the Free Download Pro plugin, but I can't find where I could edit that.

I'm using woocommerce memberships, so I need that change to be applied only for members. Which I don't think will be a problem, since currently it says "read more" for members and "add to cart" for non-members. So the distinction is working. All I need is to change that "read more" to "view".



  • Richard Webster


    6 Mar 2022
    9:31 am

    You could try changing the shop button text settings on my General Settings page, but I'm not sure if they will apply where you've restricted the purchase/download to WooCommerce memberships. My plugin has little involvement when you've done that.

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