Customizing style of the "you have to be logged in" message

Posted by: Dino

26th January 2021, 6:42 pm



26 Jan 2021
6:42 pm


I would like to customize the looks of the "you have to be logged in to download this product" message when the user is not logged on my website.

The current white box doesn't fit at all with my layout and it would be great if I can make the whole box disappear and leave just the text in white color without the box, icons and everything else, or customize the colors of elements in the box. (box background color, text color and everything else). Once the user is logged in, button looks nice and I'm ok with that, it's just the message for non-logged users that doesn't fit estetically in my website layout.

I tried to play around with CSS but I didn't manage to get anything done.

PLEASE help me! 🙂

Thank you very much, your plugin is awesome!

  • Richard Webster


    1 Mar 2021
    1:39 pm

    Hi Dino, apologies for the delay on this one, just seen it in the moderation queue. Do you still need help with this? If so is your site live?

  • pepe88


    1 Mar 2021
    2:04 pm

    Hi, yes it is and I would still like help with customisation like I mentioned above. Thanks

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