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Posted by: Pedro Correia

22nd December 2020, 1:47 pm

Pedro Correia


22 Dec 2020
1:47 pm


Loving this plugin, but I'm facing a problem with external files.

I want to make files available to download from a Google Drive account. When I try to use the direct link to a file hosted at a Google Drive account, everything works fine but it downloads a strange file without extension, not the file it was supposed to.

If I paste the link at a web browser, it starts to download immediately.

Any ideas?

  • Richard Webster


    4 Jan 2021
    10:34 am

    The problem with Google Drive links is by default they're a share/view link, not a real download link. For that you need to create your own link (although I think the Google Drive addon for WooCommerce circumvents this need). It's pretty straight forward.

    You could use a website like this:

    Or make a URL yourself.

    Sharing links look like this:

    Simply take the download ID and add it to a link like this:

    Hope this helps.

  • Richard Webster


    4 Jan 2021
    10:37 am

    You might also need to set your WooCommerce download method to Redirect.


    This is the same behaviour you'd see without my plugin, when using the download link for a product someone can purchase and download from their account page.

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