Download limits problems

Posted by: rcandro

16th July 2020, 2:58 pm



16 Jul 2020
2:58 pm


I have been using the add on for a while and it has been working fine. I have set a limit of 2 PDF files/week per user ID, but looking at the Free Downloads Logs page I saw that a user was able to download 20 files last Sunday (07/12/2020). Today, I tested the functionality and it seems to be working, since I was not able to download more than allowed by the rule.

I took a look at Error Logs & Debug and it shows no errors.

Is it possible for a user to trick the download limits rule? Any thoughts on that?



  • Richard Webster


    16 Jul 2020
    3:53 pm

    Hi mate that should not be possible. Can you open a tech support ticket please so I can get some more details?

  • Richard Webster


    17 Jul 2020
    4:05 pm

    Bug corrected in version 3.1.93

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