Email box not showing-

Posted by: Becky Jorgensen

3rd March 2018, 4:56 am

  • Richard Webster


    12 Apr 2018
    7:53 am

    A couple of people have had this same issue so in the next version coming this week, when you activate the Pro Edition the free version will be automatically deactivated.

  • Becky Jorgensen


    12 Apr 2018
    3:14 pm

    hope you figured that out!

    I was thinking that maybe you had the free version so it wasn't showing up- thanks for the heads up Richard!

  • Eric Hastings

    @[email protected]

    12 Apr 2018
    6:20 pm

    you guys are fantastic - thanks for sticking with me.  I just disabled/deleted the FREE version and the PRO version automatically had settings available.  I followed your instructions and now it works - do you hear the sound of applause.

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