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Posted by: carlo fattori

8th July 2022, 7:16 pm

carlo fattori


8 Jul 2022
7:16 pm

I get a strange operation that I try to describe.

1) I select a virtual downloadable product with variation from my product table and
2) I am redirected to a page where I can select one of the n variations of the product.
3) I select one variation and click on the "download for free" button.
4) in the browser appears for a fraction  a page "loading in progress" and immediately after comes the email containing a link
5) clicking on the link downloads directly the product variation on the local directory "download" (until now all right except that the title of the download is the title of the product and not of the variation - see post "download variation" already taken in charge).

if with browser and same session open I click again on the link inside the email I get the direct download of the product variation again (everything ok...)

if I close the browser or even if I close it and reopen it (then with a new session) and click on the link inside the email received
the browser opens on the page where I can select one of the n variations of the product (step 2)
and I do not get the direct download as I had obtained in step 5.

is it normal that by clicking on the link within the email received I get different results depending on whether the browser is open in the same session from which I requested the sending of the email or whether it is closed or even open but on another session ?

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  • carlo fattori


    17 Jul 2022
    4:42 pm

    hi richard, I have not had feedback on my post. you are probably busy (or I hope for you on vacation) but when you can let me know if it is clear what I wrote or if what is required is not expected / obtainable from the plugin