ERROR: no files were found to download / also keep add to Cart button

Posted by: Colin Waite

26th November 2018, 10:34 am

Colin Waite


26 Nov 2018
10:34 am

The way this plug-in works is great. I have the pro version but I have 2 questions.

My client still wants the option to select muiliple downloads from 1 product page but now wants them to be able to add the selected to the cart so that the user can carry on adding multiple items to the cart before downloading. I notice on the following post

that this was a similar question. Do you have the solution to this.

Also, when we use the usually woocommerce add to cart function we are able to have the download link from dropbox. This works great, however when we use the free downloads plug-in, and the page has multiple downloads as check boxes to choose from, we get the following error. (It works ok for 1 single download on a product page)

ERROR: no files were found to download

Would you know a fix for this?

Many Thanks

  • Richard Webster


    27 Nov 2018
    9:23 am

    Hi mate you're seeing that error because the files are external, which won't work with the checkbox multiple file form. If you go to the settings page for multiple files it defaults to "Links Only" for that reason.

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