Export log OR add free download in to normal Woo Orders section ?

Posted by: Wayne Philips

13th June 2020, 9:12 pm

Wayne Philips


13 Jun 2020
9:12 pm

The free download logs are cool but don't help us much if we can't export and track who has downloaded things in a cleaner way. Is this possible or better yet add free downloads in to the woo order screen somehow ?


  • Wayne Philips


    2 Jul 2020
    6:35 pm

    Any response on this for a paying customer, please?  have left it a few weeks. Thank you

  • Wayne Philips


    7 Jul 2020
    8:25 pm

    Hi Richard , any way please to export the list or have it create a WP order so free downloads are tracked properly ?

  • Richard Webster


    8 Jul 2020
    4:52 pm

    Sorry mate I must have missed this one. You can export your download logs as a spreadsheet file from the Stats tab of the Free Downloads admin page.

    Creating orders from free downloads is something I have in the wishlist bucket.

  • Wayne Philips


    8 Jul 2020
    4:55 pm

    Perfect - this should do for now! thank you.

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