Feature request: Disble basket/cart, checkout and endpoints

Posted by: onlyonemj

22nd February 2018, 10:18 am



22 Feb 2018
10:18 am

In use cases where the shop/downloads site is intended to be completely free, it would be nice to have checkboxes to completely disable/remove the Woocommerce basket and checkout pages and any endpoints.

I created a page titled "E-commerce functionality disabled" with content "Sorry, e-commerce functionality has been disabled for this website". Then I set in Woocommerce settings > Checkout > Cart and Checkout pages to point to that page. I then permanently delete the original basket & checkout pages generated by Woocommerce.

When someone tries to access the original basket or checkout pages, they won't exist. If a client created a priced product by mistake and the user ends up adding it to the basket, they'll see the e-commerce disabled page.

Kind of makes things airtight for 100% free download sites!

  • Richard Webster


    22 Feb 2018
    12:32 pm

    Interesting idea mate, I'll put something on the list for the pro version.

  • Richard Webster


    27 Feb 2018
    3:45 pm

    This is an option in version 1.0.92 now mate. You still need to set your products up correctly, but purchasing products is disabled completely.

  • Richard Webster


    4 Mar 2018
    8:14 am

    This is now present in the current plugin version 🙂

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