Force download files from AWS?

Posted by: [email protected]

5th March 2019, 8:28 pm

This is a great plugin! I've have one issue I'm trying to solve, though..

We're hosting our media files on AWS and when I use your plugin, those files are opening in the browser. I'd like them to force-download. I understand that I can specify response-content-disposition=attachment in AWS, but I don't want to do that because we're also using the AWS files to display images on our site, so I'd like to specify the plugin specifically to force-download.

Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Richard Webster


    5 Mar 2019
    9:00 pm

    Hi mate have you set your Easy Digital Downloads settings up to Force Download?

  • Hey Richard,

    Yes, I have EDD set to Force Download.. still not working, though.

    You can see a little demo I put on our dev site here.. click the 'Get it!' link in the modal):

    Any other ideas of why it might not be force downloading?


  • Richard Webster


    5 Mar 2019
    9:24 pm

    Hi mate after reading the documentation it seems that Redirect is forced when using AWS regardless of your settings. So the only way round it would be to add it to the file meta in your bucket.

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