Grouped Product issue and 403 on when try to download

Posted by: Przemyslaw Bik

26th October 2018, 2:22 pm

Przemyslaw Bik

@[email protected]

26 Oct 2018
2:22 pm


Just purchased Pro version for the grouped product functionality only. I experienced an issue.

  • First when trying to Download All I zip a single file only not all of the files available for download
  • When chose checkboxes + download all button
    • If I chose one checkbox only regardless which one it always downloads lates file, not the chosen one - as well it creates a zip archive on single (latest) file
    • if I chose all (two) checkboxes - it again downloads only latest one
  • When I chose links + download all button - button downloads only latest file, when clicking a link I get an error 403  'The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it.'

to make it more fun even single downloads which worked perfectly with the free version now returns 403 error 'The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it.'

How I guess it supposed to work:

  • When clicking download all - it zips all files into one archive and download starts.
  • when marking single checkbox - it simply should start downloading (no zipping).

as well this 403 error is a huge issue

Hope you can help me.

  • Richard Webster


    26 Oct 2018
    3:15 pm

    Hi mate what version of WooCommerce are you running? Also try going back to the free one and see if it starts working again just as a test.

    Are the files external or are they uploaded to your site using the media upload feature?

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  • Przemyslaw Bik

    @[email protected]

    26 Oct 2018
    3:37 pm

    ok so I already did try to reverse upgrade but the same issue now - it worked perfectly before the upgrade.

    I run latest WooCommerce version Version 3.5.0

    I will send some details info by support ticked together with admin login for you

  • Richard Webster


    26 Oct 2018
    3:49 pm

    Ok thanks mate I'll close this thread and take a look at your ticket. Working on an update this weekend so I can look over the details.

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