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Posted by: NSINAILS

15th June 2018, 6:54 pm



15 Jun 2018
6:54 pm


For our purposes, we are allowing users to download marketing materials that have been uploaded at a very large size (sometimes 1gb or larger) but on these downloads, the file doesn't actually finish the download. It just freezes. I think it is because the file is so large. It seems to have the problem with only files over 500mb.

We upgraded from Free to Pro to see if that would be the fix. It did not resolve that issue but the additional features are super helpful too!

We did do testing - The files do download when just linked to them. They don't download as individual files when using the free downloads shop page.


  • Richard Webster


    15 Jun 2018
    7:10 pm

    Hi there, thanks for getting in touch!

    The plugin uses the WooCommerce download handler, have you checked to see if the downloads finish for a digital purchased product downloaded from your account page? Worth checking to see if it's a WooCommerce issue or this plugin (I'm confident it's not this plugin).

    It might be worth trying a different download method, the third option is more reliable for large files I think. The other option would be to host the file externally, which also has the benefit of not clogging up your sites bandwidth.

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