Integration with Infusionsoft

Posted by: Jane Blakeborough

4th September 2019, 10:48 am

Jane Blakeborough


4 Sep 2019
10:48 am


I am using Woocommerce with infusedwoo so that sales via woocommerce are synched with Infusionsoft ie contact created/updated and an Infusionsoft tag added to activate a follow up campaign.

For the free downloads, the synching to infusionsoft is not working and the infusionsoft tag is not being added to the contact records when a free download is activated via my website.

Can you advise on how to get this to work as my CRM relies on infusionsoft following up with emails after purchase or downloads.

Many thanks

  • Richard Webster


    5 Sep 2019
    12:50 pm

    Hi Jane I'd have to develop a specific add-on to work with Infusionsoft, like how you're using now to make WooCommerce connect with it.

    You have the ability to export your downloads to a spreadsheet, which you might be able to use to upload to Infusionsoft (I don't know if that works there, but I know you can do that with Mailchimp).

  • Jane Blakeborough


    5 Sep 2019
    7:19 pm

    Ok thanks for the response. Was worth checking to make sure I wasn't missing something


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