iphone pdf download issue

Posted by: HAMZA ÖZAD

7th November 2021, 5:43 pm



7 Nov 2021
5:43 pm

i use paid member subscriptions and Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro plugins. I have been using my website for a long time from my computer with windows operating system and my android phone. When I entered to my website from my wife's iphone, I realized that the phone was trying to open the pdf file instead of downloading it. My customers using IOS or MACOS may have trouble downloading. How can i solve this? I don't know much about their working principle.

  • Richard Webster


    8 Nov 2021
    10:11 am

    Hi mate, from what I remember, having tested this a while ago, iPhones don't handle downloading files well. You can see the same behaviour if you try to download a PDF from a purchased order on your account page.

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