Is it possible to have a free download + a price for the product donations

Posted by: Mehdi Touzani

12th December 2019, 3:40 pm

Mehdi Touzani


12 Dec 2019
3:40 pm

Hi !

Is it possible to have a free download but keep a price on the product ?

I would like to have the free download, but also to have a price for those who want to support.

For the moment I have to put price = 0 in woocommerce (otherwise, the free download button does not show).

For example:  paypal price = 2 €  , but users can also download for free. It would help with donation.

Do you have a suggestion that could help in achieving this result ?

Also, is it possible to hide the paypal checkout on free downloadables ? (what happens if the user checks out to paypal with a price of 0 ? )

Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Richard Webster


    12 Dec 2019
    5:19 pm

    Hi mate you probably want to look at adding a papyal donate button/link to the short description for the product.

    I don't know about the PayPal checkout thing mate, that's something else I think.

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