It seeems unwork for me

Posted by: maoflager

27th April 2019, 4:06 pm



27 Apr 2019
4:06 pm

I bought the plugin, installed and set parameter,

but found it doesn't work for me.

I  register a new account, and download the free product,but stastics is zero.

It doesn't show "owned" bandage.

It doesn't show ip address blank sheet when I choose "downloads limit by  IP address".

so i am doubt it doesn't work for me.

I used wordpress v4.9.5

  • Richard Webster


    27 Apr 2019
    5:59 pm

    Hi matey I'll help you to set it up but I'm just in the process of moving house so will be a couple of days. In the mean time have a look through other forum posts here to see if other people with the same issue had their problem solved 🙂

  • thiru


    28 Apr 2019
    11:51 am

    plugin totally not working for me

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