Membership based free download limits

Posted by: Krisztian

5th December 2019, 1:48 pm



5 Dec 2019
1:48 pm


For me, it's not clear how WooCommerce Membership based limits work. In my understanding, to allow limited free downloads using a Membership, I have to set a 100% discount on the downloadable product or product category. Is it right?

As soon as I add a 100% discount (make the product or category free for a member), I can limit the downloads without checkout. Correct?

But what will prevent the customer from purchasing unlimited products (in a category he gets 100% discount) and download without limitations using the standard WooCommerce downloadable product way?

I want to provide members with a limited (e.g. three products a month) free download without purchasing the product and let them purchase more at a discounted price (e.g. 50%) in a traditional way (checkout using WooCommerce).

Currently, this is achieved using WooCommerce smart coupons: a subscriber gets a coupon on every renewal, and the coupon gives 100% discount on three products and valid for a month. But this way they need to purchase (for free). Here could help this plugin, providing them with the monthly free downloads and letting them purchase more.


  • Richard Webster


    5 Dec 2019
    2:25 pm

    Hi mate that's an interesting one. Which smart coupons plugin are you using? There's a few different ones.

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