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Posted by: Erica Nall

20th August 2021, 6:18 am

Erica Nall


20 Aug 2021
6:18 am


I just purchased the pro version of this plugin for my site. The free version is downloaded and working correctly, however, I cannot figure out how to enable the pro version. When I click on the settings in the PlugIn and go the Pro tab - it continues to just show the promotion to purchase the pro license. I cannot find anywhere where I add my license number and add the settings that should be available via Pro.

I see the .zip file but the documents inside of it make no sense to me - I don't know what to do with them. I also can't find instructions anywhere - I was hoping a confirmation e-mail with instructions would arrive, but no luck so far. Anyone who can help me figure out how to get the pro license applied to my site will be my hero. Thanks!

  • Richard Webster


    20 Aug 2021
    6:34 am

    Hi Erica you need to upload the Pro Edition plugin to your site with the Add New page of the plugins admin area. Then activate it.

    When it's active and the free version is inactive, go to the "Pro Edition" tab of the plugin settings page, enter your license key and hit save. Then you can click "Activate License".

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