Pending cancellation still allows downloads.

Posted by: Iain Morris

10th November 2019, 3:28 am

Iain Morris


10 Nov 2019
3:28 am

I have Memberships and Subscriptions.  I also use a 1-month free trial period through the subscription product.

I signed up as a testuser and was assigned an active membership.  I canceled the subscription as the testuser on 'My Account' page, which set the subscription to pending cancellation, and set the membership to end at the end of the trial.  The download button continued to appear, which sounds right as it is tied to the membership.

As the Administrator, I cancelled the testuser Subscription, Membership and checked the user had returned to a default user role (not active subscriber) and that the membership is not active, that user is still able to see the download button.  I've tried logging out, clearing cache, different browsers, but the user can still see download the  button.

Update. 11/13: What could be causing the user with no active membership to see the download button? Is it just because they are logged in?  Should there be a setting to display a message if a user is logged in but doesn't have an active membership?  I set "Include selected memberships only" and included my membership, and the button disappears.  I suspect that this is close to the correct setting but there needs to be a message to inform the user that there is a problem with their membership/subscription.  Also, the message to say the user is not logged in is now gone for all users not logged in.

I'm a little confused.

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  • Iain Morris


    15 Nov 2019
    7:21 pm

    Hey Richard,

    Could you help with the issue I've got here?



  • Iain Morris


    25 Nov 2019
    11:19 pm

    Hi again.

    Thank you for your support outside of this forum.  I believe I have resolved the issue as everything seems to work well now.  The problem was related to the way my theme managed WC hooks and how its block builder presented WC page information.  Because I use Memberships, Subscriptions and Teams, there were a lot of settings that needed to work together and my theme wasn't playing nice, so my workaround caused my problem.



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