Please add Mobile Number option

Posted by: Kiran Agrawal

26th December 2020, 1:50 pm

Kiran Agrawal


26 Dec 2020
1:50 pm


Reaching out to prospective customers on whatsapp is more convenient these days.

Please add mobile number option in Tracking & Email Capture.

Also please give an option to validate phone numbers as per the given country.

  • Richard Webster


    4 Jan 2021
    9:42 am

    Hi Kiran, you can already require a telephone number, the option is found in the Newsletter Options setting page. You need to enable a Newsletter Subscription Option, which is on the Tracking & Email Capture screen. If you don't use this already then select the Manual option, which allows you to require more fields.

    Validating specific country phone number is a bit tricky with the current code base, but it's something I can look into to find a way to do it.

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