Plugin doesn't overide WP login/reset

Posted by: becjacobs

14th October 2020, 5:29 am



14 Oct 2020
5:29 am

Hi there, I have used this plugin with great success on another site but I can't get it to override WP login and password reset on the current site I'm working on. I have spent many hours testing different things, disabling plugins and I'm stumped. It would be great if you could help me get it working. I have to have it launched in a day or so. Thanks!

  • Richard Webster


    14 Oct 2020
    9:03 am

    Hi mate did you create a custom password reset page, add the shortcode to it, and select that page in my plugin settings?

  • becjacobs


    14 Oct 2020
    9:10 am

    Hi Richard, thanks for getting back. I added the shortcode to this page: and have set the plugin to see it.