Pro Plugin not working with two variations

Posted by: Kiran Agrawal

26th December 2020, 2:14 pm

Kiran Agrawal


26 Dec 2020
2:14 pm

The Free Downloads Pro plugin is not working with multiple variations.

I tested on a single variation (License Period) and it works perfectly and shows download button.

But with two variations (License Period & No. of Users) it does not show the download button. Add to cart button is shown instead.

Image with two variations :

Image with single variation :

  • Richard Webster


    4 Jan 2021
    9:44 am

    Hi Kiran, it might be a problem with the plugin/theme used to display these variations, assuming they're set up correctly for free download (free price, downloadable option ticked, downloadable files selected for the variation etc).

  • Eduard


    1 Feb 2021
    10:22 am

    I can confirm this works perfect with multiple variations, i use it my self.

    Be aware that if you have 2 or more variations and user buys specific variation, the user must choose the variation he bought and then will show the download button

  • Aethaerx


    4 Feb 2021
    9:50 pm

    I can confirm this does not work with multiple free variations. I know because I've tried with a product with over 10 variations. It will show the download button no matter what. The plugin should show "download" only when the correct variations are selected and disappear if incorrect variations are selected.

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