Problem with product pricing for the average visitor

Posted by: abokandeel

5th April 2021, 10:41 pm



5 Apr 2021
10:41 pm

Is there a way to present the price of natural products to the average visitor like 4 $ before a plan purchase? When a visitor buys a plan, all programs appear at 0 $?

The second part of the question is what is currently happening, but I need to answer the first part of it.

  • Richard Webster


    6 Apr 2021
    7:23 pm

    There's a few plugins that work with mine where you can do a 100% discount for members. Like WooCommerce Memberships.

  • abokandeel


    8 Apr 2021
    11:44 am

    It seems that you do not understand what I mean, I want when a regular visitor enters into a program that he wants, for example, he sees the program price of $ 20, he can buy the program naturally by clicking on buy, and then it is transferred to the shopping cart and the purchase process is completed.

    But I made monthly plans through Woo Commerce so that he could buy his line and enjoy downloading loads of software for a monthly subscription.

    How can I put prices on products and when the customer chooses a plan and logs into his account, the prices of all products change to price 0? Can this be done with your software?

  • Richard Webster


    8 Apr 2021
    12:07 pm

    You don't use my plugin to change pricing. If you're using WooCommerce Memberships you can set product discounts for members, and give members 100% discounts on products. Then my plugin will see the product is free for a member and allow downloading.

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