Renewing Membership does not Renew Download Limits

Posted by: Nicholas Magal

18th November 2020, 9:32 pm

Nicholas Magal


18 Nov 2020
9:32 pm

Is it possible for a user to early renew his subscription that gives him free downloads to renew his download limits of the same membership? For example, I have a Membership plan:

Basic Membership Plan

1 download per month

Currently, when a user purchases another basic membership plan before 1 month is over, their download limit is not reset. Is there anyway that the download limit can be reset upon a new purchase of the membership plan?



  • Richard Webster


    12 Jan 2021
    10:59 am

    Hi Nick. Sorry for the late response. The system isn't aware of when members renew, the download limits are fixed points in time.

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