So Many Settings and Configurations which is Great But

Posted by: Alan Bennetts

24th September 2020, 10:54 pm

Alan Bennetts


24 Sep 2020
10:54 pm

Hi Love this plugin, with lots of options. However I keep scratching my head as to the best way to achieve the following:

I have  woocommerce Memberships so

Memberships as follows with all products coming from the same categories (All digital Downloads)
Basic Members
Daily Limit on Products 5 And Downloads 5

Basic Members Plus
Daily Limit on Products 10 And Downloads 10

But lets say in example memberships above they see another 5 Product Downloadable files they want, but there limit is up for that 24 hour period, what would be the best scenario for them to grab the extra Products Paid or free (Is the Limits Just for Free BTW)

  • Richard Webster


    25 Sep 2020
    7:44 am

    Hi mate at the moment you'd have to make another membership plan they can upgrade to. There's no automatic way for additional one-off download limits yet.

  • Alan Bennetts


    25 Sep 2020
    11:52 am

    Ok Thanks

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