Some question of Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro

Posted by: Raymond Leung

4th September 2019, 9:32 am

Raymond Leung

@[email protected]

4 Sep 2019
9:32 am

Hi, Does the download can generate key for each product per download? In addition, there are problems with multiple file downloads. Is my setting wrong?



Does your plugin support the following usage?
Valuable Annual Plan:
- 600 models (max.60 models/mth) USD 5200 <---Up to 60 downloads per month and 600 downloads per year


  • Richard Webster


    5 Sep 2019
    12:47 pm

    Hi Raymond. Your first issue might be related to your server not having the ability to put files into a Zip archive. For multiple file products you'll have to use the default Links Only display method, or just upload a single zip file yourself.

    Your second one is not possible, it has to be one or the other.

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