Thank you page/up sell page idea.

Posted by: Rick Moriani

3rd May 2024, 10:56 pm

Rick Moriani


3 May 2024
10:56 pm

I'm loving the pro plugin so far, however...

It would be great if the redirect could be sent to different pages for different products. Currently, you can only select one page for all the products.

Alternatively, a prebuilt template thank you page that can take arguments from the product page to personalise it to the product it was requested from.

To give you some idea of what I'm trying to achieve I'm looking to create upsell pages for various products after they download the free lead magnet.

If that's already possible please let me know how.

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    Peter Wilkinson


    6 May 2024
    8:49 am

    Hi Rick

    Currently we only have one rediretion page, sorry.

    We also don't have paramaters sent over the URL, I can look at this. What about sending the product page ID, this way we can add a custom Class to the redirection page.

    By having the custom class, you can then show/hide or customise the page using CSS - what are your thoughts?