the download and add to cart buttons appear at the same time

Posted by: aurelienD

7th December 2022, 2:04 pm



7 Dec 2022
2:04 pm

The plugin works great using a shortcode with elementor. However, when a product is free I have the "download" button that appears under the "add to cart" button. Is there a solution so that only the right button is displayed?

Thx for your help !

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    Peter Wilkinson


    8 Dec 2022
    9:24 am

    Hi 😀

    I think it might be your set up as it works with page builders like Elementor.

    How are you making your product page?

    What elements are you using on your template?

  • aurelienD


    8 Dec 2022
    2:43 pm

    Hi 🙂

    Thx you for the response.

    The problem came from woocommerce and the "add to cart" widget which was not compatible with the shortcode. Using another "add to cart" button widget solved the problem.

    Thanks !

  • Forum Moderator
    Peter Wilkinson


    9 Dec 2022
    9:37 am

    Awesome thanks!

    Have a great day