Posted by: Goran

19th July 2018, 11:53 am



19 Jul 2018
11:53 am


You say that Frontend Password Reset is translation ready, and even if that's true per se, it doesn't seem to be usable on a multilingual site.

I have my site in two languages, and when the user chooses the language of his choice, all pages will be shown in that language.

I translated your .pot file and uploaded the translated .mo and .po files, but they don't seem to be taken into account. The only way I found to modify the texts was on your settings page, but that's only in one language. Apparently the same text is shown to all users regardless of their language choice.

So what's the point with the .po and .mo files?

Or am I missing something?

  • Richard Webster


    19 Jul 2018
    1:33 pm

    Hi mate I'm not 100% sure how multilingual sites work, but I assume it would be the same if the site had a single language. "Translation Ready" means you can use the translation files I have included to create a new language file, which is loaded on the site if that language is selected. Its not something that just happens automatically, a translation has to exist.

    These can either be manually added by me and included in the plugin files, or set up on the translation system to download automatically, which any user is able to apply for on there.

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  • Goran


    19 Jul 2018
    2:28 pm

    Hi Richard,

    Actually it was my mistake. I had made a typo in the file name of the translated file. After correction it works perfectly.

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