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Posted by: Christopher Trip

16th March 2018, 7:14 pm

Christopher Trip


16 Mar 2018
7:14 pm

I am looking to have a form with email or name and a download button so when users enter their email they can access the download + be opted into my MailChimp list. It's the main reason for my purchase and pardon me if I am totally missing something. Thank you for your help and time!

  • Richard Webster


    16 Mar 2018
    8:21 pm

    Hi mate you have to enable download tracking in the Tracking & Emails setting page and then enable Newsletter Options. When enabled you can set your newsletter option to MailChimp. Then you can go to the newsletter options page and fill in the info for your account.

  • Christopher Trip


    17 Mar 2018
    1:46 am

    Thank you!

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