"verified owner" reviews

Posted by: chezterman

7th July 2023, 11:10 pm



7 Jul 2023
11:10 pm

Users who download free products by leaving their review were listed as "verified owner".

I need the tag to be displayed to users who download the files for free and have left a review.

Thank you!

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  • Forum Moderator
    Peter Wilkinson


    10 Jul 2023
    10:15 am

    I just did a test and it works for me - see below

    What theme are you using? - try disble all plugins and use storefront to check

  • chezterman


    13 Jul 2023
    7:06 am

    The registered user when downloading a product for free is not shown as a verified user.
    How it should be displayed as the comment below.
    I need the title "Verfied Ower" to be displayed next to your name if you have downloaded the product.