Which newsletter system to choose? MailPoet? MailChimp? Something else...

Posted by: newoceans

9th January 2018, 8:41 am



9 Jan 2018
8:41 am

Hi Richard, since you have integration with e-mail/newsletter system on the list of future updates, which one do you most likely integrate with? I'm at the point of choosing one, and doubt between MailPoet and MailChimp. Can you tell about your plans with the plugin?

  • Richard Webster


    9 Jan 2018
    3:31 pm

    MailChimp will be the first supported because that's the one I use. I think it's brilliant, very easy to use, and super customisable. Others will follow after, most likely Mailpoet after MailChimp.

  • newoceans


    9 Jan 2018
    3:53 pm

    Allright, then I go for MailChimp too! 😉

    Cheers mate!

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