Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions, and some we thought you might ask.

  • Our plugins work on self-hosted WordPress websites. This means if your WordPress website is on they won't work. Feel free to post a question in the community forums if you're unsure.

  • Ensuring Rich has a consistent stream of tea bags isn't a good enough reason? How about getting a swathe of extra cool features just for premium owners, premium support for 12 months, feature requests, and renewal discounts for your premium licenses. You'll also get solid and regular one-click product updates. Sorted.

    We might also become friends. Well maybe not, we're very busy, but that's life!

  • Buying a premium plugin gets you a license key for 12 months. You're able to choose from a single site license, a license for 2-5 sites, or a license for unlimited sites. As long as your license key is valid you'll be able to get our top-notch premium support and product updates. Just activate the license key in the plugin settings page on your site.

    When it's due to expire you'll be able to renew your license at a discount.

    If you choose not to renew, when your license key has expired you'll no longer receive premium support or product updates.

  • Of course! We wouldn't be very good if you couldn't. It's as easy as simply uninstalling the free version, installing the premium version, and getting on with your life. We like it when it's easy.

  • Premium support is included for 12 months with every purchase. You'll not only have access to our product support documentation, videos, and community forums, but also our premium support forums and support ticket system. We'll even help with compatibility issues if possible!

    For our free basic plugins hosted on support is provided but our premium support service takes priority.

  • Absolutely. Only the purchaser will have access to the account for support etc, which can be you or your client. But if you buy one of our plugins and use it on a website you're building for a client, it's not a problem. And as long as the license key is activated on the website and not expired the site can continue receiving product updates.

    In fact would it be cheeky for us to suggest you purchase unlimited licenses? That way you won't run out!

  • We love improving our products based on user feedback and are always happy to implement feature requests if possible. Head on over to the community forums and bring those new ideas with you.

  • WordPress is the biggest web platform in the world, arguably due to the shear number of quality plugins and themes available. We don't develop our products in a bubble and where possible we are happy to work to make our plugins compatible with others.

    However, it would be unrealistic to ensure compatibility with every plugin and theme of course! Because of that we try to stick to good WordPress standards, and this works for the majority of issues that some plugins may have.

  • We stand by our products 100% but understand that sometimes you may have some issues. We will happily process a refund within 30 days of your purchase date if we are unable to get your technical problems solved.

    Be sure to check out any support docs or videos for the product and have a look in the forums. Failing that please give us the chance to sort it out by submitting a Tech Support ticket from your account page, and we will do our very best to get you up and running as soon as possible.

  • It's (current year...) so of course there are a million ways! Well maybe not a million, but you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (yes, even here), YouTube,, our own site forums and the contact page. Links in the website footer.