Flothemes Migrator

Welcome to a Seamless Transition with the Flothemes Migrator!

Your pivotal partner ensuring a smooth and efficient migration of your website content to Gutenberg blocks.

One-Time Complete Migration

Migrate all your content – be it all posts, posts per category, or specific individual posts, efficiently in one sweep.


Migrate Classic Blocks and Flo Blocks (including Flex Block) to Gutenberg blocks, safeguarding the content and images.

Flex Block to Block or HTML

Migrate Flo Flex Blocks to Gutenberg blocks  or to a Gutenberg HTML Block to keep the page looking the same*.

Secure and Reliable with Revert

Trust in a safe migration process that prioritizes the security of your data and content. Easily revert the migration.

In the wake of Flothemes' recent store closure on September 20th, 2023, the digital realm echoed with a collective gasp from creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who have invested time, content, and design into their Flothemes website. Your concerns were heard loud and clear, and that’s where Flothemes Migrator takes the stage!

🚀 Smoothly Migrate to Gutenberg Blocks Without Losing Your Unique Design!

Why Choose Flothemes Migrator?

The Flothemes Migrator is not just a tool; it's your ticket to safeguarding your digital content, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your website remains unaltered, and providing a smooth transition from Flothemes to Gutenberg blocks.

🛠 Pain-Free Transition

  • Comprehensive Migration: Effortlessly migrate all posts, specific posts per category, or individual posts in a single go!
  • Design Integrity: Keep the visual appeal of your site consistent with our migration options for Classic Block & Flo Block, including the ever-popular Flo Flex Block.

💡 Flexibility with Flo Flex Block

  • Multiple Migration Options: Choose between migrating to blocks or HTML, providing you with the autonomy to maintain the look while deciding on editability.
  • Maintain Aesthetics: Opting for HTML migration ensures that your website retains its existing design, though with limited editability.

As you can see above, the migration went well but the background image position was not retained. Other than that,
all content and styling was kept

Kadence Compatibility

We love Kadence and the additional blocks it brings. We offer the option to migrate to Kadence blocks if you want for modules that are like-for-like. One great example is the gallery module they provide, it can help display a carousel or slider which the native Gutenberg Gallery Block cannot.

Future-Proof Your Website with Flothemes Migrator

Do not let the closure of Flothemes interrupt the seamless experience that your website visitors are used to. The Flothemes Migrator is here to ensure that your transition from Flothemes to Gutenberg blocks is not only smooth but also retains the aesthetics and functionality that your audience loves.

Keep Your Website’s Heart Beating with Flothemes Migrator - Your One-Stop, Stress-Free Migration Solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to help you keep your rankings. We will migrate as best we can but keeping your heading tags, your content and images. There will be cases where we simply cannot migrate because there are no blocks to migrate to but in most situations like on a blog, 9/10 we will have a solution for you.

We recommend taking a full backup of your website prior to migration to allow for reversions if required. We do offer a "revert" feature but its best to do on a staging website to make sure your live website is not effected.

Migration time can vary based on the amount and complexity of the content. From ours tests, it does not take long at all.

Flotheme Migrator Process

Flo Blocks

  • Flo Text
  • Flo Gallery***
  • Flo Slider**
  • Flo Category Switcher
  • Flo Title**
  • Flo Button
  • Flo Listing Column Block
  • Flo Listing Column
  • Flo Listing Grid
  • Flo Contact Form
  • Flo Newsletter

Flo Flex Block

  • Flex Layout to HTML Block (keep same design)
  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Embed
  • Gallery Grid (Instagram style)
  • Button
  • SVG
  • Tabs
  • Slideshow
  • Testimonials
  • Logo
  • Menu
  • Search
  • Countdown
  • Lottie
  • Shape
  • Before/After
  • Popup Toggle
  • Flo Form
  • Social
  • Back to Top
  • Anchor

Classic Blocks

  • Button
  • Comments
  • Contact Block 1*
  • Contact Block 2*
  • FAQ Block 1
  • FAQ Block 2
  • Featured Link 1
  • Featured Links 1
  • Featured Links 2
  • Gallery View 1***
  • Gallery View 2***
  • Text Block 1
  • Text Block 2
  • Text Block 3
  • Text Block 4
  • Text Block 5
  • Text Block 6
  • Image Block 1
  • Image Block 2
  • Image Block 3
  • Image Block 4
  • Horizontal Divider
  • Flex Builder
  • Image Links 1
  • Image Links 2
  • Image Links 3
  • Image Links 4
  • Image Links 5
  • Image Links 6
  • Video Block 1
  • Video Block 2
  • Item Credits
  • Press
  • WP Title
  • WP Content
  • Intro Block
  • Item Categories
  • Item Pagination
  • Item Tags
  • Item Title 1
  • Item Title 2
  • Item Title 3
  • Item Vendors
  • Item Vendors 2
  • Listing 1
  • Listing 2
  • Listing 3
  • Listing 4
  • Listing 5
  • Listing Pagination
  • Listing Pagination 2
  • Mosaic Image Links 1
  • Mosaic image links 2
  • Numeric Details
  • Pricing Packages Block 1
  • Pricing Packages Block 2
  • Related Items
  • Share Links
  • Slideshow 1
  • Slideshow 2
  • Slideshow 3
  • Testimonials Block 1
  • Testimonials Block 2
  • Vertical Divider
  • Footer Placeholder
  • Header Placeholder
  • Category Switcher 1
  • Category Switcher 2

* Partial support. Some aspects of this block may not migrate for example; the form
** Partial support. No like-for-like Gutenberg Block. Migrated to seperate text or image blocks instead
*** Can be migrated to native Gutenberg or Kadence block
† This can be migrated but not available yet